Saturday, May 8, 2010

Romantic Times Pics

This is a pic of Charlaine Harris and me.

MaryJanice Davidson and me. She was SO funny...but I bet you'd guessed that from her books. :)

Jessica Anderson and me. LOVED the T-shirt she was wearing.

Jessa Slade, me, Melissa Mayhue and Kathy.

Joy and I at the bar.

Danyel and I with the Ellora's Cavemen. What a blast!
Romantic Times was the perfect mix of work and fun. Well, there was more fun, but to me that's the perfect mix. lol We took a few workshops on craft, and the highlight of my workshop experience was getting to meet and learn from James Bell Scott. I have a few of his books on Revision and Self-Editing and The Art of War for Writers.
Once 7:30 pm hit everyone met at the bar to load up on SOTB's (Sex on the Beach) and then off to the parties we went. Danyel, Liz, Monica, Veronica, Jessa and I closed down the parties. Dancing on the stage became part of our to-do list. lol
Sara, I'll have my SOTB now. woot
Well, I'm off to edit. I have more pics that I'll post later.