Sunday, February 8, 2009

Articles on the future of ebooks

I can't tell you how many people look at me in a strange, confused way when I tell them that my books are ebooks. "What in the hell is an ebook?" Then I explain to them that they can only download my book onto their computer (I don't mention any devices like the Kindle at first because if they don't know what an ebook is, I highly doubt they own a kindle.) I do eventually start chatting with them about the special devices they can use so they can take their ebooks with them anywhere they go. It doesn't matter what I say, or how well I sell it, eighty percent of the time the person I'm talking to says they just have to have that book in their hand.

Well, why not have numerous books in your hand?

The Kindle holds over 200 titles. It also has wireless technology so you can download books from the back of a taxi or when you're waiting in a doctor's office. Now, I'm not going to do a whole blog post on the wonders of the Kindle and how it's simple and easy to download books and magazines to the device. I want to give you an idea of what's out there. Last little note on the Kindle, it's currently $359.00 at Amazon right now - it's also currently sold out.

The Sony PRS-700BC Reader Digital Book is another wireless device you can use to read your favorite ebooks or magazines. This is listed at $399.00 on Amazon and it's in stock. This is a little of what they have to say about the product :
Imagine holding a library of books conveniently in one hand. Begin a new chapter with the PRS-700BC Reader Digital Book. Boasting an impressive 6.0-inch, touch screen display, this Reader uses paper-like E Ink technology which makes it easier to read, even in bright-light situations. In addition to a built-in light, there's an interactive touch screen that lets you turn pages with the slide of a finger or activate the bookmark. You can also create annotations with a virtual keyboard, highlight text with a stylus pen, search for text in your digital book, and easily adjust the font size. A faster processor gives you quicker response times when opening content or turning pages. Ideal for travelers or people who like to read while on the go, the PRS-700BC holds approximately 320 digital books. - Go HERE to read all of the description.

So, what's in store for the future of ebooks? has a great article on the future of ebooks. The article covers new technology for electronic readers. Some ebook readers have backlights and other great add-ons. What I covered above is only the beginning.

So, if you haven't checked out the devices associated with ebooks, the above links are a great start. Here's a few other links to articles that might give you a better idea on what an ebook is, and what the future may bring.

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