Monday, May 18, 2009

Awesome Review for Heaven Sent

Title: Heaven Sent
Author: Dawn McClure
Publisher: Liquid Silver BooksPublisher
Reviewer: Tory Sanders
Rating: 5 Stars
Heat level: S

Chris Fitzpatrick meets vampire Gabe McPherson at the proverbial holiday from hell when he unexpectedly joins her family for Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, he’s not there to give thanks but to kill one of her brothers. Chris discovers that her family is made up of vampires and that the family business isn’t really for people allergic to the sun. As Gabe attempts to uncover the conspiracy against vampires, Chris tries desperately to protect her family. She also has to keep her own secret and decide whether a relationship with a vampire can work for her. Mix in demons, werewolves, Lucifer and vampires galore and you’ve got a recipe for fun and mayhem.

Heaven Sent takes place in a short period of time, but Ms. McClure packs in both a great deal of action and character development. The characters slowly reveal themselves and their secrets, though they all come across as fully developed right from the start. I loved Chris’s character more than Gabe’s, but he was one hot vamp. Chris was funny, gutsy and even her weaknesses were endearing. I also enjoyed the secondary characters like the villains who were interesting and didn’t come across as caricatures. The plot was engrossing with enough twists and turns to keep you reading straight through to the end. The only weak part of Heaven Sent was in the dearth of sex. This is understandably part of their growing relationship and individual hang-ups, but I would really like to have seen Gabe demonstrate more of his centuries’ worth of experience to Chris! I hope that this is the first in a series because I can’t wait to see where Ms. McClure takes the characters next. There were quite a few of secondary characters whose stories I would like to see developed in the future, especially the arrogant Sven and the tough Naberius. I will definitely put this author on my watch list.

Tory Sanders
Just Erotic Romance Reviews

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