Friday, January 9, 2009

Review for Azazel

5 out of 5 star and a must-read rating from Crave MoreRomance.

Sometimes a girl needs more than just a little sizzle and asmoldering body to fulfill her desires. For Alexia, an ass-kickingvampire and member of the alliance trained to hunt down demons, ithad been far too long since either demon or vampire had turned heron. Of course it's a little hard to be aroused when you're able to takedown every member of the opposite sex without even running out ofbreath. That is until she meets Azazel, a demon who can best her inbattle time and time again.

Paranormal romance has never been better than it is in Ms.McClure's hands. Not only is the story unique, blending a world ofvampires and demons, itsthe most fun I've had with paranormal romance in ages. There isnever a dull moment in AZAZEL! I'm delighted to give Ms. McClure'sAZAZEL five stars and a must read rating.
Reviewed by Crave More Romance

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