Sunday, December 21, 2008

His Woman by Diana Cosby

I have to admit, I don't read many historical romance novels anymore. I'm a paranormal girl. I've picked up a few historicals in the past year, though none of them really took me on a journey with the characters. Isn't that what you want in a historical romance novel? Danger, intrigue and passion. Honorable knights and wild Scottish warriors wearing their tartan with nothing underneath, their long, wild hair blowing in the wind, their toned, naked chests....I'm sorry, where was I? Oh yeah, taking a journey with the characters in historical romance novels. *fans self* Some great historical romance novelists include Jude Deveraux, Johanna Lindsay and Julie Garwood. In fact Julie Garwood wrote my favorite romance novel of all time - Ransom. The hero was named Brodick - if I remember correctly. (Brodick, I'm still waiting for you! I live in Michigan now! Call me!)

Anyway, these authors made you believe they had been thrust back in time (or sold their soul to you-know-who) to write such vivid details about a time long past. Their heroines were strong, independent lass's (lasses, lassies, whatever) or timid yet determined noble women. The heroes were larger-than-life men who used one sword to defeat his enemies, the other to tame their little ladies. (haha, did I just go there? I did, didn't I?) I say all of this in a tongue-in-cheek kind of way, but you get my point. The covers had a male standing with his legs braced slightly apart, looking for all the world as though he were going to save the world and devour the heroine at the same time. The heroine looked like she was on the verge of having an orgasm, her hair billowing in the wind, her dress half a centimeter from showing her pink, taut nipples while she kneeled in front of her warrior...ah, the good old covers. (I miss those covers by the way. Where art thou, my fair Fabio?)

Last night I finished a wonderfully crafted historical called His Woman. Now, the cover didn't have a half-naked heroine on it, and the hero had short hair that seemed quite unaffected by any wind. (WTF?) But as I was reading I felt that I had been thrust back in time - to a time when historical romance novelists ruled the world. Okay, fine - ruled the romance shelves at the bookstore. Is that better? Suffice to say I found a historical romance novelist that ranks right up there with Deveraux, Lindsay and Garwood. Her name is Diana Cosby. (And I can just call her Diana, cause yeah, I know her. *claps hands like a two-year-old* I even have her phone number in my cell...oh shit, wait, she moved. Damn!! Uh, now that I'm a stalker-fan you think she'll give me her new one???)

Duncan - the hero in His Woman - is the ultimate warrior with a soft, caring side to him. A few years back the love of his life, and promised bride, Isabel, left him to become an earl's mistress only weeks before they were to wed. (What a bitch!!) Wait! How long have you been reading romance? Come on, you know there's something more to this story than that. Jeez. So back to the whore...I mean story!! Story!! A cruel twist of fate (I've always wanted to say that) brings Duncan and Isabel back together. Duncan gives a promise to Isabel's dying brother, Symon (I'm still mourning your death *sob*), that he will find Isabel and save her from the earl's imprisonment. (Wait, why would the earl throw his own mistress in the dungeon? Quit asking questions I'm not at liberty to answer. I had a top secret clearance in the United States Navy, and I can hold a secret until my dying breath. Or 75 years per my disclosure agreement.) Duncan saves her, and yet still danger lingers. I can't say much more because Diana (there I go using her first name) was in the Navy as well, and I'm not sure what connections she still has. But fear not, my courageous romance novel readers! All the secrets can be found in the pages of His Woman.

4 Stars - HOT
"Former lovers find each other again in book two of Cosby's Scottish trilogy. She deftly combines historical accuracy, well-rounded characters and continuous action in this sweeping romance, which should keep readers engaged until the last page."- Romantic Times
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