Friday, March 6, 2009

Edits, Revisions and a new WIP

I really should learn to complete one task before I move on to another. I received my edits for Heaven Sent, which will be releasing from Liquid Silver Books sometime this summer. I'm also doing revisions on Samael, a follow-up story to Azazel. This is Jade's story, and I have a few kinks to work out.

My new WIP is Naberius, and I've put it to the side while I finish up my edits on the other two manuscripts. Naberius is about a fallen angel who is determined to save his daughter from becoming a Nephilim at the onset of puberty. He'll do anything to keep her from turning, even face the fires of the Abyss. The heroine, Adira, has never had to think about anyone but herself. She knows what she wants out of life, and she'll stop at nothing to attain it. She's an assassin with the Alliance - a group of elite vampires who keep their kind in check. She is assigned to determine what Naberius is doing in secret. Vampires have sent in complaints about a demon who has been attacking vampires in the Los Angeles area, but not killing them. Strange activities have been reported, and somehow it's all connected with Naberius. When she learns the truth behind the attacks she must decide between keeping everything she has ever worked for, or accepting everything she's ever dreamed about.

Other than that I've been enjoying the warm temps the last few days. :) I can't wait for spring to arrive. It's been a looonnnggg winter.

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