Monday, March 30, 2009

The Writing Process

During an interview I had a while back I was asked what my writing process was like. Of course I couldn't put LOL as my response, but that's exactly what I did...I laughed out loud. Then I explained that I don't have a writing process. For Azazel, the story hit me like a brick thrown from a cannon. WHAM! I knew the story, I knew the characters, and I wrote it. For Asmodeus I wrote a chapter a day and stumbled my way through the first draft. It wasn't until my second round of edits that it resembled an actual story. Heaven Sent was much like Asmodeus, and Samael...don't get me started. It only took me a month to write the first draft...and then two months to revise it.

With Naberius I plan on doing a little research first. I decided to go the 'worksheet' route. What the hell is that, you ask? Well, I have a worksheet for character development, scene descriptions, GMC (goal, motivation, conflict), a conflict grid (can't have too much conflict), a relationship toolbox (that just helps you figure out why the two main characters should fall in love), and my Fast Draft and Revision Hell worksheets. Yes, I'm still trying to find my process, but I'm afraid I've already found it - every book is different. I've heard other authors talk about their process. Through the grapevine I've heard that Nora (who doesn't need a last name) writes only dialogue in her first draft, which she so sweetly calls her POS (piece of shit, for you innocents out there). It (supposedly) takes her three drafts and then she has a completed novel. I wish. Sometimes I only need two drafts, maybe three. Other times...I actually lose count.

But even if I do come up with my own handy-dandy process, would it be a perfect fit for another writer? Probably not. If I thought there was a perfect writing process out there, I'd try out Nora's, since she is the most prolific romance author to date. But writing only dialogue for the first draft wouldn't suit me. I all ready know this, so why waste my time? There is no magic pill...quite I'll just muddle along until I find my own brand of genius when it comes to the writing process.

What I can do is give you some links to these wonderful worksheets. If you're a writer, hopefully they will help you nail the conflict in your book and flesh out your characters. If you're a reader these links will BORE YOU TO TEARS. Just a little friendly warning. :)

Character Development Worksheet

Conflict Grid (I use this ALWAYS)

Relationship Toolbox (Thank you Nikki :o)

Okay, so these three links should get you started. You can always type what you need into Google (character profile worksheet) and find whatever fits your needs. Happy writing!

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