Saturday, March 28, 2009

Spring is ALMOST here.

They say that Spring has already arrived. Hmmm, I live in Michigan and I'm going to have to disagree. Floridians might be basking in the warming temps, but not us. But I heard something just beyond my bedroom door today that I hadn't heard in months. The sounds of birds chirping. Now that is a definite sign of Spring.

During the winter I seem to lose 40% of my energy, but when I heard those birds I felt...better. Like my hibernation was almost at its end. :o)

Lately, when I talk to friends and family, I notice we've all had enough of winter. While I was in line at the grocery store yesterday, the cashier told the woman behind me that we were going to get snow this Sunday. The poor'd thought her family pet had just died. Her face fell and she stopped talking altogether. Ask anyone up north, and they'll tell you that this has been one hell of a long winter. Gloomy, gray days and icy, cold nights. I've definitely had enough. So when I heard the birds this morning I felt like relief was on the way. Energy seemed to consume me and I rolled out of bed with a smile on my face. (That never happens.) I'm the type of person who shuffles to the coffee pot, eyes at half-mast, and grumbles until I've had my cup of joe. Today I went straight to my office and started my blog (So if nothing makes sense, now you know why).

I have only two days left with my revisions on Samael. Suddenly the edits don't seem so daunting. :o)

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